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  1. Using a BB Bold 9000 w/ BBWP 1.0. Love the app, love being able to blog or update on the go, but frustrated by inability to add audio files. My blog depends on audio. I can record on my BB but the file format is amr instead of mp3. I could use VR+ to convert files to mp3, but there still seems to be no way to add an audio file in any format, just video & photos. No way to copy the location of the audio file in the BB, no way to list available mp3 files, nothing. Would like a pick list under media so I could add the URL for the file, and have it upload to the blog media library when I publish the post from the BB. Am I missing something? Is this feature coming? Soon, I hope??? Pretty please...

    Blogs are at and Both on Wordpress.COM. Thank you.

  2. adding an audio files is not possible with the release 1.0. we already talked over this feature, but users do not seem very interested on it.
    We should consider your request in one of the next app releases, that are very close to come.

  3. Actually I am very interested in this feature. I will be using Wordpress to document a 5 month 2200 mile hike next year of the Appalachain trail in the US. We would like to be able to attach audio files from my Curve 8530 to our WP posts. Please consider this feature and thank you for the great work so far.

  4. We have scheduled to add this feature in the next app release (1.2)

  5. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for providing such a great app for the Blackberry, and for WP! :)

  6. Wonderful--thank you so much! When will 1.2 be released?

  7. next release will be available for download at the end of April or in the first days of May.

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