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  1. I mistakenly deleted a post that I created using the blackberry app. I clicked the cancel button after a few seconds but the command was already sent to my blog apparently. It would be nice if there was an option to maybe make the delete have 2 actions - either delete the post or simply unpublish it.

  2. Unpublish is a very simple action.
    You can edit the post and change its status to "draft". Then you should send the change to blog by "submit" menu item.

  3. The problem I was attempting to solve by suggesting this option was one of user error. I mistakingly deleted one of my posts using the blackberry app because my blackberry was acting sluggish at the time. As a result, I continued to click the ball and inadvertantly selected the option to delete the post. I wasn't sure if the app stopped responding or if my bb was being slow. It ended up being the latter in my case.

    In the end, the app did what I told it to do, which was delete my post - but it wasn't what I really wanted it to do.

    Does that make sense?

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